Makeup Review: Lipsense

From time to time on here, I am going to review some items. This first review doesn’t come with any photos currently, but I will add some in later. I’ve gotten a lot of new stuff recently and I’ve been meaning to do some reviews on that stuff to help other people out where possible.

So Lipsense. First, let me tell you that buying all the different colors can form an addiction. It’s also important that I tell you I’ve been trying Lipsense off and on for the past like…7 months. I initially wanted to see what it was all about, but when I couldn’t seem to make it through the exfoliation period, I found myself reverting back to my other colors.

Exfoliation period

This happens at the beginning when you’re using Lipsense. If you’re someone who uses a lot of lip gloss, chapstick, etc., then your exfoliation period could potentially be considerably longer (like mine). For some people, it’s mere days. For other people, it’s quite a few weeks and it can be tough. You’ll experience some color flaking off and onto your cup or anything else you press your mouth against. You may also notice that your lips feel dry-ish. The gloss helps with that and reapplying it continually will help moisturize your lips and has really helped me get through it. You can also speed this up by using a lip scrub. I recently invested in a Tarte lip scrub, which you can find here and I am a fan of it for many reasons – one being that it tastes good and is basically just sugar. You can also Pinterest yourself some awesome DIY lip scrubs if you’re not lazy like me. The Tarte scrub gets 4.25 stars, has multiple reviews and really isn’t that expensive when you consider how frequently you use it.

The Gloss 

This gloss is what originally didn’t sell me on Lipsense. When I found I was reapplying my gloss pretty frequently, I lost interest. My brain immediately went to the fact that if I was reapplying gloss so much, why would it bother me to reapply some color? Now being on my third attempt to really give this a go, I can say that I have only applied the gloss at max 2-3 times a day. I don’t feel like my lips are drying out or anything and I am noticing a considerable difference in my application this go around, which I attribute to the fact that I am actually taking better care of my lips all around. Matte gloss is my favorite because I prefer that look over a glossy look. The glossy gloss is much more moisturizing and requires less applications. It’s a good idea to use that first and then use matte the rest of the day for better results.

Oops remover

It’s not really love for me on the oops remover. Fortunately, it’s pretty inexpensive and comes in the starter pack. It does work, but doesn’t take it completely off. It’s a good starting point and you can follow it up with a makeup removing wipe to get the color entirely off. It tastes like doo-doo, so you’ve been warned.

Notable colors

I have several different Lipsense colors now,  so I can’t review them all, but I love the ones I have. Keep in mind I am pretty pale (think Snow White only whiter) and have dark hair, so this may compliment you and your lips differently than they do mine. I did notice the colors and gloss don’t taste amazing. You get used to it and it seems to be different based on which color is which – likely has something to do with pigmentation.

Napa – it’s meh on me. I had a hard time applying it at first. It’s a little bit shinier than I would like, but has a beautiful purplish tone.

Caramel Apple – perfect summery pink color! Love.

Praline Rose – excellent nude! I love it. Hints of pink and goes on so well.

Bella – goes on pretty dark for me, hints of browns and pinks. Very pretty.

Mulled Wine – I am not the best at putting on dark colors, but this deep red is stunning and I am still working up the courage to wear it out of the house. People are used to seeing me with a dark lip color and I am definitely overthinking it.

Blu-Red and Mauve Ice are on their way to me. I am really hoping I love the frosty color of Mauve Ice!


I didn’t like it initially and it has proven me wrong. Even in the exfoliation period, it stays on really well and does a great job. I love the colors I’ve received so far and am even working into mixing them together to create even more new colors. I’m a neutral colored gal, so you won’t see anything on me that’s not pretty neutral. The lip color is really helping me complete my look and feel “finished.”


You may feel some burning at the beginning when you put it on – this is normal. Don’t be alarmed. Should only last during application and should be fine when it dries. If it lasts longer, I would probably nix that.

For darker colors, line your lips with the tip first and let it dry. Then follow and apply to the rest of your lips like normal. This helps SO MUCH.

Do not run the brush over your lips multiple times. One swipe over your lips, then let it dry, then do another coat. It will be uneven if you run it multiple times while the color is still wet.

Wear glossy at night or get their lip balm to use at night to keep lips soft and supple.

Using other products while using Lipsense can cause the staying power to wane. If you are planning to use chapstick over your color, don’t. It’ll take the color off. If you want to use other colors in between your Lipsense applications, just know it may not stay on as long. I personally still use other colors and I really don’t see that much of a difference.

To apply: Clean dry lips. Line the outside of your lips and let dry. Fill in lips once, then let dry. Do this 2 more times. Finish with gloss.


Here’s a picture of me wearing 3 coats of Bella and glossy gloss. I don’t have particularly amazing, voluptuous lips, but it works. After this application of glossy, I will switch to matte gloss.




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