Review: GeniusPlus Nootropics

I’m busy pretty much constantly and as a result, I drink an ungodly amount of caffeinated beverages to help me get through the day. Lately my pace has slowed down ever so slightly and I’ve tried to increase my water intake and cut back on the caffeine. I’ve heard people rave about GeniusPlus Nootropics and I figured I might give them a shot.

If you don’t know what a Nootropic is, you’re not alone. There’s not a ton of research on them and as such they’re kind of hard to define. They’re best described (to me) as pills that help you feel a specific way. They have them to make you feel happier, help you focus, help you relax, etc. It all sounds like a great idea, but I am very skeptical of things like this because of lack of research and only anecdotal evidence to “prove” they work.

I finally decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did for quite a few different reasons. I’ve tried Serenity, Vitality and Intelligence and I’ll be reviewing those below for you.

All products are available at


This is the energy pill. You can take one and within about 20 minutes you’ll start to feel it working. It was recommended to me that I drink a glass of water with the pill, so I followed that protocol.

Initially, I didn’t think I really felt anything. What I expected was something similar to the effects of pre-workout. What I got was completely different. I typically start getting tired around 2pm, so I really need a pick-me-up. That’s precisely why I took Vitality at that point in the day. I needed to study and have energy to clean the house and this certainly delivered. I didn’t get jittery. I didn’t feel my heart racing. In fact, I felt completely normal save for the fact I felt awake and clear. I didn’t feel muddy in my thoughts and I was able to clean my house and keep moving for 2 solid hours without feeling like I’d really done anything. It was amazing. Then I added Intelligence.

To further my experiment in trying this, I gave two to a friend who is older than I am (still female). She took one instead of her pre-workout and she said she had the best workout she’s ever had. She took one again on Monday morning and felt great. Vitality seems to be a perfect blend of energy, but not so much that you can’t stay at your desk and work all day. It’s not going to have you running laps down the hall. You’re good, energized and focused.


I took an Intelligence pill a few hours after I took Vitality. For Intelligence, I was expecting something that would help me focus. It didn’t really help me focus per se. I was still pretty unfocused, but what it did prevent was brain fatigue. I studied and kept busy for hours and hours and I didn’t feel drained or at all like I was at brain overload in terms of information. I was able to go and go and go and keep on task (so there was a little bit of focus, but not insane). Time seemed to pass a lot faster and I felt that I was more productive than I would’ve been otherwise. I ended up taking them once a day for the next three days while I studied for my test (which I passed, thankfully). It didn’t matter what time I took it, the whole day I seemed to stay more clear-headed.

I noticed with both Intelligence and Vitality that I woke up the next day after just 5 hours of sleep and did not feel worn out or tired like I normally would.


On Sunday night, I opted to try and relax and get some sleep.  I took the Serenity blend to see what it would do. I’d been leery because many people indicated it made them super sleepy. It did make me tired, but not in an overly tired and drained way. I felt calm, but not overwhelmingly so. It was a nice feeling, but was very muted. I did end up falling asleep quicker than I had the night before, but it’s hard to say if that was attributed to the pill or to the fact I only got 5 hours of sleep the night prior.

Serenity did not keep me asleep. I still woke up 2-3 times that night, but I had no issues getting back to sleep.

Overall thoughts

Serenity was a meh experience for me. I am going to try it out under normal sleeping conditions (meaning my husband and child are not out of town, I am home, can get 8 hours or more of sleep and slept well the night before) and update this review if I notice any changes.

Intelligence and Vitality are great! I definitely plan to take them when I have some late night studying or when I am going to be doing a lot of activities and I can’t muster the energy. I would recommend them to everyone. Best of all, there is NO crash!

These are not items I plan to use daily. I will use them occasionally when I feel that I need that extra boost to just get through. Whether it’s a placebo effect or not, I got something out of it and I feel good about it.

Again, you can check them out at

*I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by GeniusPlus. This is an honest review because I just happened to buy them and found them intriguing.*



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