LOL wanna go vegetarian?

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Okay, so I am not vegan, nor did that happen the way the meme implies, I just thought it was funny. 🙂

About 2 weeks ago, I was in the shower and my husband was shaving at the sink next to me and I called out to him “so what do you think about being a vegetarian?”

He laughed. Not just a little, like a full on belly laugh.

we went to breakfast and I ordered a country fried steak and he laughed at me again for my comments earlier.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am now on day 7 of not eating meat. Jokes on…who?

Ryan’s doing okay with the not eating meat thing. He hasn’t been eating it at home because I haven’t been making it and he made an awesome sweet and sour cauliflower meal the other day that we’re sure to have again. He still eats it for lunch and claims he cannot go cold turkey. We shall see what week two looks like. He’s lost 5 pounds. I’ve lost three pounds.

I should say we’re not being staunch about it. We’re still eating eggs and dairy and if something has meat in it (chicken broth, baked beans), we’re not going to turn it away. If Ryan’s mom makes a casserole and it’s got meat in it, we’re going to eat it for dinner.

For us, we’re not making a move like this because of the animals. If you do, I commend you. It’s kind of just maybe an added bonus I suppose? I didn’t watch a documentary and suddenly grow a conscience about what I was eating. I just simply felt like we don’t get a lot of the fruits and vegetables that we otherwise should and I was feeling otherwise uninspired in the kitchen. It was getting tiring continuing to make the same heavy casseroles, meat with a veggie, etc. I wanted to spice it up a bit.

Then I considered the health benefits. A more balanced diet, potentially longer and healthier lives, lower incidences of obesity. The list goes on.

I still wasn’t really sold, per se. I think if you asked me to explain to you why we decided to stop eating meat it would come out much like the word vomit you just read above. Really, I just quit making it and here’s how my week kind of went.

Sunday we said goodbye to our visitors. We did not grocery shop. That made Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday pretty terrible. When I sat down Wednesday and added up how many calories I was eating, I was seriously deficit and it for sure explained why I felt like a giant pile of poop with a  constant headache.

So Wednesday I sat down and I decided to actually try to pre-plan for the rest of the week. I baked 2 spaghetti squash and stuck them in Tupperware for lunches, munches, you name it. I also hard boiled a bunch of eggs for simply snacks when we got hungry. Then I found some vegans and I asked them for food ideas.

Thursday I made a better grocery list and ordered those groceries on Friday. I got us a protein powder for the morning and I also cracked open a bottle of this terrifying stuff called Healthy Skoop. I dumped that in some OJ and to my surprise, I didn’t hate my life. I actually didn’t have a headache right after drinking it and gasp, it didn’t make me gag. I’ve been drinking that since Thursday and I even convinced my best friend to drink it. She also didn’t die and now we’re both getting more veggies in our diets!

I feel better than I have in a long time. I’ve been bloated and I am not anymore. My stomach isn’t cramping like it was. I’ve tried to cut back on my carbonated beverages as well (so I am sure that’s helping the bloating in a big way). This is the longest I’ve ever done a “diet” if you can even call it that. It’s more of a lifestyle really. I feel good about it. I am curious how long and if I will sustain this, but I am already planning for this weekend and we ate more vegetables this week that we probably have in the last month, so I feel even better about the quality of our food.

We’re not sanctimonious about it. We’re not even strict about it. We’re just a few people testing the waters on something I used to think was completely ridiculous (*pats self on back for growing as a person*) and unattainable. It’s good for me. It’s good for the environment. It’s good.

My next task: figuring out what the heck you should do with lentils.

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