Dear Children of the World, it’s not supposed to be like this.

The world isn’t supposed to turn on itself.

People aren’t  supposed to open fire on large crowds of unassuming people.

None of this is supposed to happen, yet it seems to be the norm these days. There are so many sad things that come from it, but among the saddest? Indifference. People becoming numb to tragedies. Lack of compassion.

It  hurts my heart to think about it as an adult and it hurts worse to know that I am raising children in this world.

I remind myself not to let the bitterness steal my sweetness (thanks, Maya). I remind myself not to let his hatred in my heart. I remind myself that we CAN make the world a  better place by being better than just tolerating each other, by loving each other. I remind myself that I can make a small difference by raising good human beings who are strong, who are compassionate, who care about other people, who look outside their own neighborhood and see the world on a larger scale. I remind myself that small things can create larger tides.

Today I have to remind myself just a little bit harder. Today I have to be thankful that last night I was sleeping in my bed with my toddler and my husband. Today I will remind myself that it isn’t the end of the world that said toddler won’t sleep in her own room. That we all need a little bit of compassion and that snuggling can in fact turn a bad day into a better one. Today I remind myself of so many things, but among them, I remind myself not to forget about the people who cannot hug their loved ones anymore. That had their entire world ripped away from them. I remind myself that people still don’t know if their loved ones are alive, but I know exactly where my people are and they’re all safe. I remind myself that although I take that for granted so much of the time, it is actually the biggest blessing of them all and it is not something to get used to, because in any moment it can be stripped away much like it was for so many families last night.

These tragedies come in all shapes and sizes. I hope we learn from them. I hope we grow. I hope we reach out and I hope we try to comfort other people in this terrible, horrible, no good time. I hope we don’t use this as our frame of reference when we judge the whole world. I hope it doesn’t cause people to live in fear and I hope it helps me teach my kids NOT to be afraid.

I hope it does a lot of things – and all of them good. I hope that everyone affected finds peace in whatever shape or form it might come in and I am praying for all of them.

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