Can we stop caping for Matt Lauer now?

I get it. The world is completely baffled that poor, innocent Matt Lauer did something terrible to someone. It’s highly likely that he did though and that information is coming to light. It’s also highly likely that he did it to more than one person. If you think differently, you might want to check out this article The Atlantic posted –

People are coming forward, yet here we are shaming them for doing so. Yet then you question WHY they waited so long. I mean do people hear themselves when they talk? For some of these victims, they’ve held onto this every day of their life only to come forward for justice and have people essentially rip them to shreds over it. People are more upset about Lauer being accused than they are concerned for the person that was the actual victim in this situation. Yet, we’re sitting here stumped as to why that individual wouldn’t want to talk to us about their situation. You know, because that reaction of sadness for Lauer is so accommodating to the people that are finally speaking out against him.

Stassi Schroeder recently posted (and then quickly deleted a podcast) where she more or less claimed that nobody could make her do something she didn’t want to, in turn indicating that girls in these situations probably aren’t forced and if they are, they’re of weak willpower. It’s none of those things. She claimed that it was taken out of context, but I find myself wondering in what context that would even be appropriate or okay and might “make sense.” Still searching, let me know if you find one.

This isn’t becoming more common. This has been happening for years. To assume it is more common now is likely an error. What is becoming more common is people holding others accountable for their actions. Ask yourself why it is okay for a guy to brush your thigh on the way to the copier at work? Did you brush it off and let it go? Okay, that’s fine. Could he not have found another way to get to the copier? Could he not have waited? Why is that okay? It’s not okay at all.

People in power being held responsible for their actions – this shouldn’t be such a shocker.

It also shouldn’t be a shocker that people don’t speak out about it. Simply google “Why don’t victims come forward?” and you’ll find a wealth of information and understanding. Sure, there will be people out there crying wolf occasionally, but what fame does saying “I was sexually assaulted” actually garner? People are ripping these victims to shreds. How amazing it must be to see your name in the lights while people simultaneously tear you down. I call BS.

We need to  be standing with these victims. News stations have been aware of the Lauer investigation for months. He wasn’t fired on a whim. This was a long time coming him. The fact their fired him and didn’t suspend him says something, doesn’t it? It’s probably substantiated, that’s what it says.

If something like this has never happened to you, congratulations. If it has happened to someone you know that you’re actually close with, you probably have feelings about it. If you don’t know anyone who has ever been sexually assaulted, I want to live where you live. This happens more than we know and just because you’re not privy to someone’s story doesn’t mean it is a false narrative. It just means maybe they didn’t want to tell you about it and that’s their right. It is also their right to speak out against it when it happens. Quit trying to take that away.

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