In May I was on maternity leave, our house was on the market, we were trying to figure out where we were going to move in AZ. Our house didn’t sell immediately contrary to what everyone thought was going to happen. That was cringe worthy for a few weeks. Trying to have a house show ready when you’ve got a newborn and a 3 year old full-time is basically a terrible pain I don’t wish on anyone. We made it though and in week 3 it finally sold, which was good because we already planned to buy another house.

So now that’s selling. The sellers want to close pretty soon. Okay, no big deal. We’d found a townhouse in AZ and bought it sight unseen. We did the home inspection (we’re not complete idiots), and that again, was somewhat cringe worthy. Everything was flying off the market though and I didn’t want to deal with the stress of knowing we might not get the house we really wanted. I am happy to say we got everything we really wanted in our townhouse and I am very glad we bought it.

As we got closer to the middle of the summer, we realized that we weren’t going to be able to all stay here till the very end. When you’ve got kids, unplugging a refrigerator isn’t really an option. Not having a car is a major pain. We made the decision it would be best for me to fly with the kids to Ryan’s parents, stay there and then Ryan would come back and tie up all the loose ends. From there he would come down and meet us and we would all be together and split time between KS and NE for the 4.5ish weeks that we were somewhat in between the two different houses.

Being displaced that long was rough. I enjoyed every second with my family and Ryan’s family. We loved being back in Lincoln. We loved being back in KS. I enjoyed so much spending time with people and watching Elle play with her cousins all the time. She’d ask every day “where are my friend?” and it was honestly adorable.

But I was also living in other people’s houses out of 5 suitcases with 4 people in one room and mostly doing it by myself because Ryan was working.

And it was tough. For the birds, really. I can’t say I would do it again. It did help us to realize that when we come back to NE and KS, we want to come back for a longer period of time, so we might drive and spend 2-3 weeks there instead of just coming for short weekend trips.

We’re grateful for the hospitality that was shared with us while we were there. Nobody had to take care of us, but they all did. We saw the people we loved and I wish we could’ve spent more time with others that we didn’t quite connect with. We only had 1 weekend essentially in KS and so I didn’t get to see everyone that I loved as much as I wish I would’ve been able to, but I am grateful for what we did get. The struggle was worth it, but man, I was really starting to go crazy. I missed cleaning my own space. I missed doing my own thing. I missed walking around with no bra on if I wanted to. I felt like I had to be somewhat presentable all the time. I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere. I was so intent on avoiding being a burden to people that I didn’t really let them do anything to help me and I am sure I stressed myself out more.

But we made it. That seems to be theme through recounting all of this – we made it. And we certainly came out stronger on the other side it seems.

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