Arbonne Cleanse: Day 6

We’re now going into day 6 of the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living cleanse and I feel inclined to update you all on what’s transpired in the last few days.

First, again as a reminder, we’re mostly following this but not all the way. We’re not eating all organic foods, but we shop at Sprouts and Trader Joes, so by sheer exposure to these stores, some of what we eat is organic. We eat conventionally raised chicken and meat and cage free eggs. Diet calls for all pasture-raised, organic stuff. Not presently happening here and I need convincing longitudinal studies to suggest I should be that I haven’t found as of yet. We are also not giving up alcohol, although we have not indulged in alcohol since we started because we honestly don’t drink THAT often. We did give up gluten, soy, dairy and coffee but we did not give up all fruits.

The first day we were doing this I forced myself to figure out how to cook from the bulk bins, so we made some black beans and some brown basmati rice and it all turned out really well. We made a small amount of these as sides for our meal of the day (the other two meals are shakes) and they’ve been great and are good in the fridge for 3-5 days.

Every day I made a new different vegetable and made extra so we always had something in the fridge to eat and there was no temptation to just eat a healthier carb or something. We loaded up with veggies which is great.

In our shakes we put protein powder, spinach, chia seeds, flax seeds, scoop of fiber boost, berries and pineapple/tropical fruit blend with coconut or almond milk and a tiny amount of coconut milk yogurt. By day 3 we were decreasing the amount of fruit we put in and adding more spinach because we were pretty adapted to the taste of everything, so that was nice. We drink these 2x per day, preferably for lunch and dinner.

Here are some thoughts so far:

  1. seems like there are a lot of steps to this program. You drink a digestion blend, then tea, then smoothie, then fizz stick, then smoothie, then fizz stick, then dinner, then tea again. It can be overwhelming but it is actually quite brainless which makes it really effective. You can kind of ease into learning about different foods.
  2. Don’t OD on the fiber. I noticed that I was not doing that great and upon further reading, realized my body was kind of in shock with the amount of fiber I was taking in suddenly, so I cut that back. It has really helped.
  3. I am apparently not addicted to coffee like I thought I was. Although I miss the taste, I am not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.
  4. You can eat rotisserie chicken approximately 4 days in a row before you realize you’ve eaten rotisserie chicken 4 days in a row and you’re bored.
  5. Day 5 has been the best day so far. I woke up after just 5 hours of sleep and was like wow, I am not super tired, no headache, feel alive and fine. The energy I felt on day 5 was amazing. Day 4 was absolutely the worst day for me. They attribute this to “toxins” leaving your body. Call it whatever you want, I don’t really call it toxins. It is definitely a detox from different foods, but I think a lot of it has to do with the lower amount of calories you’re eating and the higher amount of good foods you’re not introducing into your diet that make all the difference.
  6. I do actually have will power. We walked past a hot dog stand and so help me God if Ryan would’ve propositioned me to get a hot dog on day 3 I would’ve been like “Let’s do this!” Turns out we’re both a little stronger than we realize.
  7. Spinach mix doesn’t come die at my house anymore.
  8. When you are on a diet/making a lifestyle change, it does in fact consume your entire life.
  9. We have almost no food waste because when we get to a point where we have some extra veggies that are about to go bad I just toss them into a “chili” based type dish and we eat them a different way!

Overall, I am down 2.2 pounds as of weight on day 5 and Ryan is down 5 pounds. We’re both impressed with ourselves and the choices we’ve been making. We haven’t been out to eat this entire time, we haven’t cheated once, we’re doing it and we can both tell we’re more energetic as a result. So far we’re really happy with the results! We’ve kept it simple for dinner most nights and just done chicken and veggie and brown rice/black beans. We spiced it up for dinner on day 5 and did a tomato sauce, peeled tomato, sweet potato, tiny bit of brown rice, tiny bit of black beans, hamburger (lean), green beans and chicken stock chili type dish and wow it was super good. Definitely added to our variety and I am sure we will be having it again.


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