That’s just 4 things

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Ryan and I are really trying to clean up some of our habits. We’re starting to work out. We’re eating healthier than we’ve ever eaten. We’re focusing on packing our lunches for work (okay, that one is me) and spending less money (still me). We’re doing things that I didn’t really think I was capable of doing.

The first shift came with food. We cut out almost all processed food from our house. We aren’t going to be strict on it – when we’re out to eat, we’re going to enjoy our life, but we’re not going to keep it in our house because it is just too hard to make smarter choices when it is there.

After a few weeks of that, we’ve been feeling soooo good. Good enough that we felt like maybe we could add in some exercising.

Enter OrangeTheory. I had friends telling me about it but I wasn’t convinced it was something that I wanted to do. Ryan had already joined but hadn’t gotten serious about going quite yet. When I finally decided to give a class a try, I was instantly super glad that everyone pushed me into it.

The first class I was pretty sure walking in that I was going to throw up during the workout. I was super nervous about it, not excited to go, and literally dreading it. But then I got in there and I just kept having the same conversation in my head “You can do this. You are stronger than you think. You are capable of doing this. You can do anything for 90 seconds.”

You can do anything for 90 seconds. That is literally what got me through it. Instead of panicking and thinking about trying to complete a 60 minute workout after I’d been a couch potato for what felt like a million years, I broke it down. That’s the benefit of these HIIT type workouts. They’re bursts. 90 seconds. It isn’t so long. You can do anything for 90 seconds. It’s only 1.5 minutes. Once you get past it, you can rest for a minute. You can do it.

I saw this meme once about this little girl and it goes like this:

“My 3yo said she wanted to be an astronaut, and I said she had to study hard, go to college, learn a lot of science and take a physical fitness test, and she shrugged and said “That’s just 4 things.”

It’s just 4 things. It is only 90 seconds.

I’ve started to try to apply this to my life now. When I think about studying for my CLU test, I am reminded how big that book is and how much I actually loathe studying for all insurance tests. I break it down. It’s just 1 chapter per night to get me through this.

I am supposed to be entering a law program in April and I am terrified. In fact, I would not be surprised if this is only one of many times that I write on here about how scared I am. Literally, so scared. I am worried I can’t do it. I am worried I will fail. I have to at minimum study for 16 hours per week, but instead of being scared I am trying to shift my mindset.

16 hours per week can be accomplished in a few bursts of 2.25 hours of studying per day. It’s just 2 hours. There are 24 hours in 1 day and you only need to give up 2 hours of your day to accomplish this and be on track. It’s just 2 hours. Sure, it might be like 34 classes (I don’t actually know) and 4 years long, but it’s only one class at a time. Why can’t you do it? You can.

You can.

It’s kind of amazing how the power of positive thinking has really affected me these past few weeks. I can tell in my mood. I can tell in my attitude. I can tell in my demeanor for how I am attacking things. I minimize them so they don’t seem so huge and tedious. I do it.

After all, you can do anything for 90 seconds.

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