Arbonne 30 days to healthy living update

We finished thirty days to healthy living! Just a few days ago actually. We modified toward the end for a couple different reasons I will explain below.

I ended up losing 5 pounds. Ryan ended up losing 12 pounds. All in all, I would say that is pretty good!

Around week 2, we started adding in exercise and with the type of exercise we were doing, it was extremely tough to get our caloric intake to what it should be, so we had to start eating a little bit more – specifically protein and carbs to keep our energy up. Some workouts (well most workouts actually), I would burn around 600 calories and Ryan would burn almost 1000 calories. That is 1/2 what I was eating in a day just in an hour! So we made some decisions to add some more fats into our diet and go off plan just a little bit witht he emphasis being to ensure that we got enough calories to stay strong.

Every time I would exercise, my muscles would just load themselves up with lactic acid and I would bloat up almost immediately. Then it would taper down and I would be back around 127. My goal weight is 123 and I am getting really close! Only 4 more pounds. I am focused on being strong and building lean muscle and a lot less focused on the scale these days. I still check it out to see, but overall, I am more concerned about how I feel.

The challenge was amazing. If you need a recap, you eat 1-2 shakes per day and focus on being gluten, dairy and soy free. We did this for 2 weeks before we added some small things back into our diet to help us meet our caloric needs. We cut processed foods out but allowed ourselves a couple out to dinner cheat meals and we did great with it overall!. Our cravings went away. We made smarter, healthier choices and I cannot even begin to explain the energy that I felt from the whole thing. I loved it.

I still have some supplies left, so I am continuing to do some shakes on my own and drinking some detox tea because it really helps my water weight. We’re still committed to being pretty much processed food free in our house but we sometimes make some exceptions. Overall, we’re eating lower carb except on exercise days and we’re really trying to make strides so that we do not lose our energy and we maintain the progress we’ve made and then some!

I recommend this program to people who struggle with food monotony and food ideas. I never thought I could eat the same things over and over again, but I completely changed my mindset. Food is fuel for your body. That’s it. Sure, you can enjoy it and you should, but at the end of the day, every single meal doesn’t have to be the best meal of your life. Variety in your diet is a complete first world thing and not something that most people even get the luxury of doing. Plus when you consider the food waste, for us at least, it was insane! We aren’t wasting hardly anything now and it is SO. MUCH. BETTER. For our wallet, for our health, everything.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I truly do not think there’s a need to give up gluten, soy and dairy unless you find these are a trigger for you. In most cases, that is going to be unlikely. However, giving them up for a short period does help you to figure out what you can and cannot eat and helps you get used to a non-processed diet, so for that reason, if you’re testing this out, I definitely think cutting those things initially and then adding them back in when you’re feeling confident is the best avenue to take.

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