mom vacations

I was recently able to go on my weekend long excursion to see my “mom friends” as I like to call them. We were brought together because we were having babies in the same month and eventually branched into a much smaller, more intimate group of people. They’re all amazing and so, so necessary for my mental health. I’ve talked to all of these wonderful ladies pretty much daily for the last almost 4 years. I can’t believe it has been that long, yet when something happens, they’re some of the first people to know about it.

We do these mom vacations yearly and I look forward to them SO MUCH. It is such a great opportunity to connect with these wonderful people and relax. We unload on each other. It is truly a remarkable friendship and relationship and I come back every time recharged in my relationships and thankful to have them.

This year two of the women got tattoos that meant a lot to them. One that memorialized the loss of beautiful baby Sawyer and one that memorialized the very recent loss of a father. They went together and shared this experience together. I have no doubt it was a special experience they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

One woman expressed her concerns around her husband’s mental health. One shared their concerns around their own mental health. We celebrated a recent bonus. We spoke about everything – losing loved ones, gaining new babies, how terrible the age of three can be. All of it. We build each other up and we carry each other in a way that every single person needs and we are all so lucky to have.

One woman recently lost a bunch of weight and she’s been working her butt off on her diet and fitness goals. Seeing her confidence was so inspiring to me. She is so beautiful, then and now. I curled her hair at one point during the trip and seeing how beautiful it made her feel made me feel so good. I burnt my hand doing it, but you better believe I would’ve burned my whole arm off to help her get to that level of confidence. It resonating with me in a way I wasn’t expecting.

Whenever I go on these trips, I am thankful for the opportunity to just express what I need to put out into the universe. Sometimes I am far too quick to just move through the motions and take care of everything and everyone else and I’ve been going through some weird life stuff lately that I haven’t admitted out loud to myself. After being gone for that weekend, I finally had the courage to come home and admit how I’d been feeling to my husband, who in turn deserves a medal for being the most supportive person on the planet. I didn’t even talk to these ladies about it until I got back, but just being around them and hearing everything they had the courage to share really helped me help myself and sometimes you need that. More often that we’d like to admit, I am willing to bet.

I always instantly wish that we all lived in the same general vicinity, but we likely never will unless someone wins the lottery and we all make good on that buying an island idea we sometimes talk about. They’re invaluable to me. They know more about me than anyone else in the entire world (and I mean literally). They’re the best. To think this all started with a little baby website forum. It is proof that relationships bloom where you plant and water them.

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