e i g h t

Isn’t that the truth.

I have never been someone that has actually really needed to be supported. Normally I am the pillar that stands strong and tall through all the winds of anything that comes our way. This is where I am comfortable – being the pillar.

Sometimes you’re not the pillar though and it’s okay to admit that. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself lately.

On occasion, I put myself through the ringer. I’ve been in my own feelings a lot lately because I can feel the winds of change coming but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them and through all of this, Ryan has been fantastic for me. Better than I’ve likely deserved.

The best thing that comes out of these moments is all the talking we do. We chat excitedly about the future and what it is going to hold for us, what he wants to do, what I want to do. We’re supportive in our statements. We don’t have to bring each other back to reality because we’re always realistic in our mindsets. We set out to make plans so that each of us can achieve whatever it is that we want to achieve. We share the spotlight. We are 100% partners. The kind that figure things out independently and together, whatever the situation warrants.

Today we’re celebrating year 8. 8 years of being together. 8 years of loving each other. I knew that I loved him 3 weeks into our relationship and I can literally still smell the air the night I realized it. I knew I was going to marry him then. I am quite sure it was long before he ever thought he might end up stuck with me. Maybe I should ask him that.

8 years and three different states. 8 years and two kids. 8 years and a dog. 8 years of constant up and down, back and forth. 8 years of almost constantly going to school. 8 years of life. It has been amazing really, but when I look back on it all sometimes I can’t believe everything we’ve survived together.

We made it through a super difficult pregnancy #1. We made it through a NICU stay for our first born. Through a maternity leave we didn’t even originally know how we were going to afford (but then we did with flying colors). Through buying house #1 and then moving 28 hours away just 8 short months later. We lived through living with his parents for 3 weeks while we were in limbo between states. We lived through him not having a job, him getting a job, him not liking his job, him finding a new job an hour away and commuting 1.5 hours 2x a day. We lived through countless CPCU exams (well actually, 8 of them to be exact and a few fails added in there). We lived through many series financial exams. We’ve lived through almost 2 straight MBAs (done in November so we’re almost there). We put another difficult pregnancy under our belt and completed our family. We dealt with the possibility of me losing my job. We dealt with moving to another state AGAIN. We’ve traveled. We’ve been to two different countries together and countless vacations. So much support. So much loving each other. Several fights, lots of stressful moments, many bottles of wine and probably a little too many Moscow Mules and beers. 🙂

It’s been great. He saves me from my chaos and he has been doing it every single day lately and doesn’t even bat an eye about it.


How did I get so lucky?

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